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Selfmastered is a science-based data-driven personal performance acceleration training platform for entrepreneurs

We've turned the guesswork of sustaining peak performance into a repeatable process that delivers GUARANTEED personal performance improvements you can track.


The problem we solve

The central concept within the Selfmastered’s thesis is that entrepreneurs do not fail because they can’t identify business opportunities, create great products or gain traction, but because their self-management skills are insufficient to cope with the complexity of the fast-paced ever-changing business landscape, which oftentimes leads them to personal & professional bankruptcies. 

Entrepreneurs don’t have business problems. Entrepreneurs have personal problems that affect their businesses.

How we solve it

We use a data-driven, systematic & personalized approach to self-management & peak performance that emulates how complex systems work. We have repeatedly proven that our methodology not only radically upgrades our clients' personal performance, but also that this can also lead to aggressive revenue growth in 3 months or less. We achieve this by using a methodology that:

  • Feeds off the right inputs.
  • Optimizes key personal & professional performance indicators

  • Leverages our clients' unique personal conditions (N=1).

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Everything We Do Is Based On A Science-Based Data-Driven 6-Step Approach That Guarantees Results

Step #1:
Audit Your Performance Systematically
Step #2:
Conduct Asymmetric Warfare
Step #3:
Optimize Your Performance Through Data
Step #4:
Leverage N=1 Narrative Strategies
Step #5:
Install Preventive Emotional Protocols
Step #6:
Optimize Your Physiology for Peak Energy

How the Process Works

We Drive Performance Improvement With Our World-Class Methodology

Our research-backed curriculum will help you master your performance, gain confidence in your abilities and destroy overwhelm, anxiety and self-sabotage. Our programs enable entrepreneurs and professionals to work smarter, not harder. Our curriculum doesn’t just help you improve: it helps you excel and exceed the limits of what you thought was possible. Our methodology is based on 5 pillars:

#1: In-depth video library

Over 7 weeks you'll master the world's most up-to-date research-based curriculum regarding peak performance. Our framework has been tested with hundreds of entrepreneurs and professionals globally and is guaranteed to transform the way you operate in your life & business.


#2: Battle-tested tools & templates

We believe Practice eats Theory for breakfast, so we've developed dozens of templates, exercises and tools for self-analysis that will serve as guardrails for elevated performance.


#3: Selfmastered Dashboard

A proven way of transforming your performance is through data (both quantitative & qualitative) that measures progress across all relevant aspects of the System of You. Selmastered provides its members a proven digital tool, the Selfmastered Dashboard, that enhances self-awareness and fosters feedback-loop-driven performance improvements.

#4: Weekly Q&As & 1-on-1 Support

You will have lifetime access to weekly Q&As and have 1-on-1 with expert performance coaches that will push you far beyond what you ever thought possible. All of our coaches have relevant experience in the trenches of high-stakes business and entrepreneurship.


#5: Selfmastered 

Performance School

You will have lifetime access to the Performance School, a global community of high performers that provide support, accountability & feedback. It also serves as a continuous learning platform for its members, who have access to Selfmastered's latest R&D regarding peak performance art & science.

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What Results Should You Expect from Selfmastered?


We ran an internal survey to understand better the chief benefits that the Selfmastered program provides. The following six were the most upvoted by our clients:

Crystal Clarity

You will have crystal clarity on your priorities on a multi-year scale and how to best achieve them. No more second-guessing yourself.

2X-7X Productivity Increase

Your productivity will explode by learning how to leverage your cognitive capital (focus, motivation & discipline) for maximum results.

Minimal Cognitive Drag

You will eliminate all doubts, uncertainty, and emotional turmoil so you can be dangerously effective at work & fully present at home.

Machine-like Consistency

You will feel unstoppable by following a proven methodology that nudges you into performing at your best every day on autopilot.

Enhanced Decision-Making

You will forget about stress-fueled suboptimal decision-making caused by overwhelm, anxiety & frustration.

Data-driven Roadmap

You will feel empowered, confident, motivated because you'll have a data-driven system for achieving & sustaining peak performance.

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See Below A Few Case Studies of Entrepreneurs with Incredible Business Results

Traktion.ai - 10X Revenue in 12 weeks

Project Brief

Saher is an absolute beast of an entrepreneur. He was an Uber APAC founding team in his early twenties. Before joining Selfmastered, though, he was unclear about the most effective way of prioritizing & executing on his ever-growing laundry list of urgent tasks when building his new startup, Traktion (an AI-powered marketplace for on-demand marketing talent). He was doing a dozen things at once: working on getting funding, hiring a team, increasing sales, etc. He frequently found himself stretched too thin, unable to remain focused on the 1-2 things that would really move the needle. He was frustrated at the lack of progress, and his lack of focus prevented him from realizing this progress in the first place. It was a vicious cycle. In 12 weeks, he ruthlessly analyzed his performance, liberated unused execution capacity, and doubled-down on the highest leverage tasks he had available. He started progressing faster than ever just two weeks into the program and ended up 10X his revenue in just 12 weeks.


“I’m in my second startup, I've been in the VC or startup world for some time. I've been in really stressful, operations focused roles where 7 Days/week, 12 hours a day. But running my own company was a different challenge. Most of my work is actually about constant decision making throughout the day. And you know, especially when you're small and starting out, like getting those decisions right is so key because there's so much compounding leverage that can follow if you make the right decision. The biggest benefit of the program for me was understanding that I need to build systems to reach my goals - with Selfmastered I was able to build these systems and constantly tweak them through feedback loops thanks to the Dashboard. Within the first month of using the learnings from Selfmastered, I managed to close our funding round (£300k), hire 3 really talented team members and increase our sales significantly.”

- Saher Shodhan, CEO of Traktion (London, UK)

Menhir.ai - 0 to 250k ARR in 12 weeks

Project Brief

Francisco is one hell of an entrepreneur who suffered from what most bright minds tend to suffer from in the early stages of business: shiny object syndrome. When he heard about Selfmastered, he approached us to accelerate the idea-generation and first operational challenges of the new startup he was building: Menhir.ai. This fintech startup uses AI & ML to help banking institutions achieve higher returns on their distressed assets. Francisco had multiple requests on his time and energy and couldn't prioritize effectively in the middle of the entrepreneurial storm. He was battling with overwhelm, uncertainty, and frustration. The load on his cognitive infrastructure was too high, preventing him from focusing on the wildly important. He needed help with setting up internal personal systems that could help him better manage all that complexity. During several weeks he used our tools to audit & analyze his personal performance. He identified both performance bottlenecks and untapped potential areas that could be leveraged for higher personal ROI. 12 weeks after starting to work with us, Francisco had a sexy €250k+ ARR business (€21k/month). He is now serving the top financial institutions in Spain and has a stellar team of 4 people to help take Menhir to new heights.



"I often myself in these crazy creative loopholes in which entrepreneurs like me believe we can become the next Steve Jobs, but in reality, we are only becoming more unfocused and ineffective. Selfmastered has helped me rethink my approach to business and provided me the tools to accelerate my business exponentially. I wouldn’t have built what I’ve built without Selfmastered”

- Francisco Hernández, CEO of Menhir (Madrid, Spain)

Nexgeon.com - 4x Revenue in 11 weeks 


Project Brief

Yannick is the Director of Marketing Performance at was already a high performer who was tracking most metrics in his personal and professional life. Yet, he couldn't get any takeaways on what to improve. He had had a somewhat disappointing 2020, where his results had fluctuated. He was unaware about know how to improve the outcome with the right inputs and lacked useful feedback mechanisms to listen to improve his personal and professional performance.


"I think in the daily execution and ring-fencing my tasks really have made a difference and make me feel that I can win the day in just 3-4 hours a day. Before I also planned the next steps with Google Calendar, Time-Tracking Devices, Trello and analog notes but I never looked a the replay and got feedback from this. Now I know that if I work on a High Leverage Activity with High Focus then the result will be fantastic. And I know that if I work on a Low-Value Task with Low Focus I will just lose another 60-90 minutes. This is crucial to know in my opinion because in this fast-moving world and in the digital marketing industry you need to iterate faster than your competition, and the Selfmastered Protocol provides the best framework for that.

The transformation happened in all life areas but if I have to mention the ones where I improved most I would say Health and Business. My Health-Roadmap was to run a full marathon when I was just able to run 10km in around 1H10M. I trained for this with 3 times running and 2 times body-weight training. Then after 10 weeks where I ran 1 time for 20kms and achieved 10km in under 50m 2 days before I just did it. I started running with my fitness tracker and finished the marathon in 5h. I did it without people cheering at me, no water supply, and no idea of in which direction I need to run. Impressive result. On the business front, before the program, it took us 3-4 weeks to open a new portal in a new country (website, translations, content, strategy, team member). Now with Selfmastered, I just track the right metrics and execute for 12 portals in a totally different way. I just focus on the most important things and prepare a strategy where a newly trained person could manage it on their own.  With this strategy, we achieve 80% of our goal and we reduce the friction by almost 100%. I've launched 6 new (IT,ES,FR,SK,SI,CZ) in under 1 week per portal. Massive efficiency gain"

- Yannick Halm, Director of Performance at Nexgeon.com (Koln, Germany)

Lessonswithpatrick.com - 2X Revenue in 12 weeks 

Project Brief

Patrick is a beast of an entrepreneur from San José, California. Piano teacher by day and developer by night, he owns a piano tutoring business greatly affected once COVID hit: due to the lockdown restrictions, he couldn't travel to his students' houses anymore. He needed to shift his business to an online format, which proved difficult. For a few months, revenue was in freefall. Nothing was quite working: marketing was ineffective, the advertisement channel had dried up, and his performance was suffering much from these challenges. He was overwhelmed by the situation and came to Selfmastered looking for a new edge. And he found it. In just a couple of weeks, he overhauled his business entirely: he adapted his tutoring methods to the new normal, paused the app's development, identified key areas for leverage, and streamlined his operational processes (both personal & professional) to sustain this new growth. Two weeks into the program, he had already reversed the negative growth trend, and over the next few weeks, he started increasing his revenue again. It took him 12 weeks to 2X the business's revenue and unfreeze the development of his proprietary app.


"I watched the videos and wrote down ideas on to my to-do list. I got a lot of value from applying some of the ideas. I Improved my weekly schedule and activities. This made me more effective so I could solve the marketing problems. I started adding students again. As of now I have ~56 students, twice as many as 3 months ago. I would highly recommend the program. If you have been reading and looking for answers but haven’t found them - I guarantee you’ll find ideas in this program you haven’t found elsewhere. I’ve read hundreds and hundreds of books on business, personal development, and other useful nonfiction topics. Most videos still had ideas I had never encountered before that I could take action on. Applying some of those ideas helped me become more effective and solve my issue".

- Patrick Haggerty, CEO of LessonswithPatrick.com (San José, USA)

Gallaghmedia.com - 12x Revenue in 12 weeks 

Project Brief

Conor is a young entrepreneur who was struggling to manage the responsibilities he had with just one client for my business. He was earning nowhere near as much as he should, and spending the majority of every day feeling busy and overworked, without ever really getting enough done. It was a negative cycle that he couldn't quite find a way out of. He knew he lacked in the self-management area (managing the day-to-day of his life and business) as well in emotional management (dealing with the uncertainty of entrepreneurship). 


"My business has come on leaps and bounds, I've had to hire to cope with the volume of work I'm taking on, and I've already had to stop doing outreach because I can't take on any more clients with the size of some of the contracts I've landed. My day-to-day life runs smoothly and efficiently, and I feel 100% certain about my future success in any endeavor"

Conor Galagher, CEO of Gallaghmedia.com (Dublin, Ireland)

Umi-Hotaru - 0 to Reaktor.Berlin

Project Brief

Danilo is a German entrepreneur that had already had moderate success with his first startup. Smart as a whip, he now wanted to build a new business with his brother Claudio (Umi-Hotaru, a deep-tech startup that focuses on manufacturing new OLED lights) up and running as fast as possible - while avoiding the mistakes and inefficiencies that plagues his first business. Building and scaling a deep-tech startup needs next-level laser-like focus (to shut off distractions and irrelevant data) and a total commitment to experimentation in the face of uncertain odds.  Performance needs to be sustained at the highest level for years on end, as there is too much. Together we audited his performance, streamlined his operational processes, and devised a new execution & implementation plan. We also reworked his personal narrative and established new protocols for maximized achievement. A few weeks later, Umi-Hotaru was accepted in Reaktor.Berlin, a 6-month pre-seed program for startups with a 4% acceptance rate.


 “Selfmastered is a program that's basically stripped of all the motivational lingo and just gives you the bare scientific essence of how to become productive, how to get into the zone, and how to ignore the chaos outside. It helps you to bridge the implementation gap from abstract mental models to day to day execution. So this is what helped me immensely because sometimes I tend to get lost in thought. But the program is always there to basically remind you that it's about the execution and not about something else. Thanks to Selfmastered my systems are running pretty smoothly now.  We have now managed to get rid of all the technical debt we had and get into a very high profile Berlin accelerator program for deep tech startups. This is a very reassuring and encouraging new episode in our life.

- Danilo Flores, COO of Umi-Hotaru (Hamburg, Germany)

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Selfmastered is for you if...


You are an ambitious entrepreneur willing to take yourself and your business to the next level without burning out in the process.

You are committed to your self-development but despise motivational fluff. You only trust science-based data-driven actionable frameworks.

You are a serious professional that is willing to accelerate your career without resorting to BS office politics.

You understand that the key to professional success isn't "hard work" but working with the appropriate clarity, direction & resolve. You just need a proven gameplan to pull it all together.

You are talented and capable but struggle to remain calm, collected, and focused in the middle of the storm. 

You hate making excuses but haven't found the best way to execute your plans consistently and without fail. You've tried everything in the book but can't sustain your progress. 

You remain convinced that the right combination of information, mentoring and an effective technological stack is what will help you achieve and sustain peak performance.

You have read every book imaginable on self-management, productivity, and ultimate human performance but still find yourself in dark places whenever a professional setback kicks in.

What we think

Nexgeon.com - 4X in 11 weeks

Gallagh Media - 2x in 5 weeks

Traktion.ai - 10X Revenue in 12 weeks

LessonswithPatrick.com - 2x Revenue in 12 Weeks

UMI-HOTARU - 0 to Reaktor.Berlin in 12 weeks

Menhir.ai - 0 to €250k in 12 weeks

Horacio León Castillo

Leon founded Selfmastered in 2020 to help entrepreneurs and professionals install the best frameworks for peak performance to accelerate their careers. Prior to founding Selfmastered, Leon worked at the intersection of venture capital and real estate, analyzing and/or managing investments across different asset classes as a Private Equity Real Estate Director and a VC Partner. Leon holds a Master of Science in Architecture from Madrid's Technical University (Spain) and Tongji University (China), as well as Masters in Management from IE Business School.

Marc Arbonés

Marc Arbonés joined Selfmastered in 2021 as Head of Research. Deeply interested in the limits of human performance, his work can be found at the nexus of Humanities (Life Philosophy & Epistemology), Science (Complexity & Behavioural Economics), Technology (Software Testing & Development) and Business (Trading & Entrepreneurship). Prior to joining Selfmastered he was the Co-founder & CEO of the Behavioural Economics Lab, the largest networked behavioral economics consultancy of academics and practitioners at the time. He holds a Bachelor of Science in Economics from the Rovira i Virgili University (Spain).

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