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Discipline is the Cornerstone of Success

Discipline is one of the most underrated patterns of human behavior, yet it is unarguably the cornerstone of success. Any positive habit, any forward momentum, and any long-lasting achievement must be built on the human capability of staying disciplined. Discipline

Successful time management in a nutshell

Spending your days going from one crisis to another is the quickest way to a life of frustration and unfulfilled potential. The narrowly-met deadlines, the endless calls, the distressed race to the meeting… some people get addicted to this adrenaline

Atomic Habits: Book Review

Author: James Clear Theme: Psychology Subtheme: Behavioral Psychology Pages: 246 Difficulty: Medium Personal score: 4,5/5 Abstract Atomic Habits is a powerful book that deconstructs the way humans create habits and later systematizes a personal framework for building new, better ones.


Meet Leon

Leon Castillo is a Madrid-based VC Partner (seed capital) and Real Estate investor that has personally overseen dozens of investments and mentored several Spanish startups in the past few years.

His unwavering commitment to lifelong learning has created the Selfmastered community, an ever growing group of high-performers centered around evidence-based self-improvement. The aim of this community is  to share and discuss important lessons drawn from the realms of neuroscience, psychology and business through daily emails, weekly articles and other content, and to extract actionable strategies to be applied in their personal and professional lives successfully.