LessonswithPatrick.com - 2x Revenue in 12 Weeks


Project Brief

Patrick is a beast of an entrepreneur from San José, California. Piano teacher by day and developer by night, he owns a piano tutoring business greatly affected once COVID hit: due to the lockdown restrictions, he couldn't travel to his students' houses anymore. He needed to shift his business to an online format, which proved difficult. For a few months, revenue was in freefall. Nothing was quite working: marketing was ineffective, the advertisement channel had dried up, and his performance was suffering much from these challenges. He was overwhelmed by the situation and came to Selfmastered looking for a new edge. And he found it. In just a couple of weeks, he overhauled his business entirely: he adapted his tutoring methods to the new normal, paused the app's development, identified key areas for leverage, and streamlined his operational processes (both personal & professional) to sustain this new growth. Two weeks into the program, he had already reversed the negative growth trend, and over the next few weeks, he started increasing his revenue again. It took him 12 weeks to 2X the business's revenue and unfreeze the development of his proprietary app.