Selfmastered Roadmap - An Overview

The Selfmastered Roadmap – Overview

 As you may know by now, we at Selfmastered have released The Selfmastered Roadmap, a battle-tested framework to excel at any endeavor you set out for yourself. In this article, we will give an overview of the peak productivity system we have created, used by entrepreneurs worldwide and serving as a deeper dive into what The Selfmastered Roadmap is, and what it isn’t.

The system is divided into six sections:

  • Taming the Universe
  • A Hidden Force
  • Your Compass
  • Your North Star
  • Your Roadmap
  • Your Secret Tool

Starting from the macro, each subsequent section goes all the way to the micro, diving deeper and deeper into the specifics. From myth busting, to understanding how the universe at large works; from showcasing each new mental model, to showing the reasons and explanations behind why the system is how it is; The Selfmastered Roadmap is a unified and cohesive system for those at any stage of their journey towards self-mastery.

Taming the Universe

The first lesson may be a bit of a surprise, as it is a peak performance system that starts explaining how the universe works, tackling the concept of entropy.

“What does entropy, a concept born out of physics, have to do with peak performance, self-mastery and productivity?” you may ask yourself. Well, it has everything to do with productivity and performance.

Entropy, amongst the many definitions it has in various fields, is a lack of order or predictability, a gradual decline into disorder. Entropy is a descent into chaos, and it is the natural state present in all enterprises and areas of life.

To add order and stability to our lives and systems is to fight against entropy, which is the natural tendency of nature. Entropy is a pull that affects us individually in all areas of life, and it pulls so hard that it is paramount to first understand the concept to be able to later fight against it.

Complacency, comfort, procrastination, lack of focus or direction, etc., all are forms of allowing entropy to “win”; whereas working, planning and executing are ways to combat entropy.

However, one cannot “win” against entropy. We can work with it, use it to our advantage and tame it, but not win against it. To do so, we must understand both how the universe works, and how the individual works (which is why the first part of the system is setting up the framework).

The tool to combat entropy, using it to our advantage, are feedback loops.

A Hidden Force

Due to entropy being nature’s tendency to decline into disorder, we as individuals need to create small pockets of order to be able to fight back. The best tool to do so is via feedback loops.

Feedback loops are a popular mental model in complexity science and in self-learning. They are, by definition, a part of a system in which part or all of the outputs are used as inputs in future iterations, making small variations with the new information gathered in each cycle.

Not all feedback is valuable, a distinction between signal and noise must be made. Feedback and iteration that allow us to fine-tune our framework and goals is useful feedback. Feedback which takes us nowhere, or takes us further away from our goals, is meaningless feedback that serves no purpose.

The difference between a good system and an excellent one is how the different feedback loops are connected between each other. A system created where all the parts that form it and all the feedback loops generated are unconnected will crash and burn soon. There is just no way to maintain motivation, achieve goals or sustain a system where the individual aspects are not connected.

On the other hand, a system where all the parts are connected, and thus the feedback loops are linked together, allows for exponential growth.

Your Compass

As mentioned above, feedback loops need to be chained, linked and connected with purpose, giving all the individual parts a sense as a whole. Purpose is a topic that, unfortunately, has many wishy-washy connotations, which is not the case in The Selfmastered Roadmap.

Purpose unlocks the well of unlimited, intrinsic motivation. It is the compass that gives a sense of direction in our journey towards self-mastery. Purpose can change with time, new information or maturity, which is why purpose must also be understood, so we can use it as fuel to our inner fire.

Purpose does not have to be linked to esoteric, religious or magical concepts; purpose adds the self-transcending element that fuels our journey towards self-mastery in the first place. However, not all purpose is created equal.

Due to entropy meaning that the natural process is for chaos and disorder to grow, you need to remind yourself daily what the purpose of your journey is. Which is why it is important to have a North Star.

Your North Star

Long- and short-term goals should be connected. As mentioned above, not all feedback loops are created equal, only those that make sense to your goals are. Here is where the concept of vertical coherence comes in, as feedback loops can be connected, but we want them to be in such a way that allows for exponential growth down the road, by creating a cohesive plan between the short- and the long-term goals.

While goals thinking vs systems thinking is a popular model, where the latter is thought of as a superior way to achieve progress, here at Selfmastered we believe both ways of thinking should be connected. We need goals to ensure our systems are efficient or improving, as we also need metrics to identify success or lack thereof.

The Selfmastered Roadmap teaches you how to set goals, both short- and long-term, how to connect them so they make sense, and how to set systems to achieve these goals.

The crown goal from this system is the North Star, a core goal or value you want to achieve in your journey, the one that aligns with the purpose and naturally fixes all the causes of procrastination, discipline and focus.

A North Star is important to achieve your goals, as purpose alone can wither. A North Star sets the destination, which leads to mapping out the journey and strategies necessary to achieve said goal.


Your Roadmap

Once your North Star is set, here lies the first step to create a system, a blueprint, a roadmap.

The first step, however, is to fully understand how to set effective goals in the first place. We all think of ourselves as experts at setting effective goals, but we are not. We are not experts at setting effective goals because we rely on motivation to set the goals, but motivation does not last, and we need a system that encourages discipline.

Motivation withers and dies out, which is why instead of using it for doing the work to achieve goals, it should be used to set the framework and system to achieve said goals. Discipline will take over and take us to our goals, as long as we put in the work day in and day out.

Discipline as a concept also needs to be fully understood, as it differentiates top performance from low performance. As we mentioned in numerous times on this email list, those who make fewer decisions throughout the day are better suited to achieve peak performance, as their energy for cognitive tasks is higher.

To take in all of these ideas, we have developed a battle-tested system, used by entrepreneurs worldwide, to make better decisions, to identify those that should be automatic and to make our goals happen.

Your Secret Tool

All of the above sections are about understanding the system, the old mental models we should discard and the new mental models we should incorporate. This section ties all of the above together, in a cohesive framework that allows for exponential growth when followed through. This section is the system in itself.

We’ve mentioned that motivation needs to be used to set the system and actions to take, whilst discipline will be the one to get us to our goals. We’ve also mentioned that purpose needs to be the fuel that guides us through our journey, or that feedback loops need to be connected in such a way that each “win”, or cycle, helps gather information to correct our course and aids in all of our other actions.

This all may seem complicated to take in at the same time, as developing a system that incorporates all of the above needs iteration after iteration to get it all right. This is why we share our system because it has been used for +5 years by Leon and the entrepreneurs he coaches.

This is not a system that has been used by one person to achieve his goals, this is a system that has been used by +20 entrepreneurs successfully.

However, giving you the system and not teaching you how to use it is close to pointless, which is why this section is the longest, as we go through all of it, from the macro to the micro, to how to set our goals, to how to make plans to achieve them… and more.

Bonus Material

The system at first may seem daunting, which is why we recommend that you go through all of the sections first, to then go through them again, working on the bonus material. Each section has bonus material, which aids us in finding our purpose, creating ninety-day goals, one-year goals, ten-year goals, etc.

The bonus material is a complement to The Selfmastered Roadmap, and it sets the tone to fully understand the system in itself. It is essential to complete the various workbooks before working on the system.

However, there is no need to worry, each bonus section is explained and walked through with the workbooks. When completed, they all provide for an excellent baseline to incorporate The Selfmastered Roadmap.

If you put in the work, who knows where your limits will be.

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