UMI-HOTARU - 0 to Reaktor.Berlin in 12 weeks


Project Brief

Danilo is a German entrepreneur that had already had moderate success with his first startup. Smart as a whip, he now wanted to build a new business with his brother Claudio (Umi-Hotaru, a deep-tech startup that focuses on manufacturing new OLED lights) up and running as fast as possible - while avoiding the mistakes and inefficiencies that plagued his first business. Scaling a deep-tech startup needs next-level laser-like focus (to shut off distractions and irrelevant data) and a total commitment to experimentation in the face of uncertain odds, after all.  Performance needs to be sustained at the highest level for years on end, as there is too much. Together we audited his performance, streamlined his operational processes, and devised a new execution & implementation plan. We also reworked his personal narrative and established new protocols for maximized achievement. A few weeks later, Umi-Hotaru was accepted in Reaktor.Berlin, a 6-month pre-seed program for startups with a 4% acceptance rate.


Leon  00:00

So hello, Danilo. How are you? Nice to nice to be talking to you.

Danilo  00:04

Hello, Leon. I'm doing fine. How are you?

Leon  00:06

I'm doing fine. I'm doing fine. How's Hamburg?

Danilo  00:10

Hello is fine. You know, lots of chaos outside. But I have a calm mind. And I will. Yeah, do the best to use my time in the most efficient way. 

Leon  00:24

Right. So thank you for coming to the call. This is basically to understand how your experience has been with the Selfmastered program and our tools. And let's get right into it. So what do you do, Danilo?

 Danilo  00:38

Well, I'm an entrepreneur, I have founded a start-up in financial machine learning, co-founded the startup, and then exited. And this was like my initiation experience in terms of founding a business running a business, dealing with all the hardships of it. and due to this experience, where I was basically a minority shareholder, so I didn't have the full load of the responsibility. But due to this experience, I realized that I will need some new toolkit, if I ever going to do this, again, found the business. And yeah, that's how I found Selfmastered when I was basically. Yeah, looking into productivity products.

Leon  01:36

Got. And when did you sign up for us? With Selfmastered?

Danilo  01:39

I guess that was three months ago, and everything has been working out pretty flawlessly ever since. 

Leon  01:49

That's good. happy to hear that. And what do you feel at first hear about us? How do you get to

Danilo  01:54

I guess it was some kind of reference from one of your previous clients to your Time Management Protocol. And then I ended up on the website. And basically, the wording, pulled all the right triggers, in terms of copywriting, and I was Yeah, intrigued signed up to the newsletter. And the high-quality content just kept coming. And so at some point, I pulled the trigger and purchase the product.

Leon  02:34

Amazing. And describe your experience, how has it been to engage with them program with the video content itself, working with me the tools, everything. 

Danilo  02:45

So basically, I had a good feeling from the beginning. And I was a bit anxious because this is the first product of this kind that I have actually purchased. But right from the first lecture, I felt like this had been a good decision. The video lectures are very well structured. You are very well-spoken guy. So it was always to hear those. Yeah. eloquent. Basically lectures. And, yeah. The whole narrative appealed to me, clicked with me. And, yeah, it's it's a program that's basically stripped of all the motivational lingo and just give you the bare scientific essence of how to become productive, how to get into the zone, and how to ignore the chaos outside, you know, we are in the middle of a lockdown right now. And still, it's all most this meditative sense of mission. And yeah, so it's a very precious pragmatic program. So it helps you to bridge the implementation gap from abstract mental model to day to day. execution. So this is what helped me immensely, because sometimes I tend to, yeah, to get lost in thought. But the program is always there to basically remind you that it's about the execution and not about some Yeah. Some idea or yes Some mental phenomenon. So you know, it comes down to executing. And this is where it's really helped me

Leon  05:13

execute better? Yeah. So I'm so happy to hear that. And what things have you accomplished using raw material? Because you've had a bumpy three months period. Right? And you've, you have achieved a lot. And now, please share with us what have you accomplished using not only the tools but also the mental models included in the course in the program? Right. So

Danilo  05:35

I guess first, I ditched a few nasty habits. And I refer to those habits now as technical debt. You know, it's like a metaphor from coding, you know, I have basically tackled that technical debt, and now my systems are running pretty smoothly. And I work together with my twin brother. So we are twin entrepreneurs, so to speak. And together with him, we managed to get into a very high-profile accelerator program for deep tech startups. So this is a very reassuring and encouraging new episode in our life. And we are really now at a point where we can do the stuff that we want, you know, the subject matter that excites us, so we have built towards this for years. And now we have the opportunity to to make it happened in a very good environment. And other than that, I am taking care now of my own finances. And I am doing this in a way where I basically focus on Bitcoin. And I have, yeah, very nice structure going for automated trading. And this is basically my two biggest accomplishments, and it feeds into each other. So managing my own finance system gives me the freedom to pursue my entrepreneurial goals. And the entrepreneurial goals, again, just give me a great degree of

Leon  07:44

satisfaction. And this proves one of the core tenets of the semester of philosophy that everything is, is holistic, we need to have a holistic approach to the system of view. So the moment you ditch those bad habits, it releases mental capacity to talk about new challenges and get into that super accelerator and get back into the Bitcoin trading thing. So everything is interconnected, right?

Danilo  08:10

Yes, yes. And, you know, what I love about the program is that it's, like, very, yeah, to the point and very straightforward. And, and at the same time, it touches upon this holistic nature of human beings. And it's it aligns very well with a philosophical outlook on life. But at the same time, it's basically about self-transformation and self-efficacy. And, yeah, it's so it is both very practical and very philosophical. And so it's all-encompassing. And I don't know whether there is something similar out there. Because as a client, I can tell that a lot of homework was done to basically distill all the knowledge from various high-quality sources into one program. And this distillation is what I was looking for and what I got 

Leon  09:24

from it. So happy to hear that. It's, it's a pleasure to have you enjoy the program so much. And this is only the beginning. Right? So this program is never-ending. We keep improving it, the community's going stronger than ever. And I'm so happy to have you inside. Before we start, just let me know what are you trying to accomplish in the next three months in the next Selfmastered Roadmap as we call it internally? What are the goals that you want to tackle using our systems? 

Danilo  09:50

I want to scale my Bitcoin trading. Get into Continue with my strength training. And yeah, grow the business, the deep tech initiative together with my twin brother. And yeah, keep a calm mind amid all the noise outside with the COVID situation. And also, you know, plan my day to such a degree that I will have also sufficient free time or just creative projects and research projects. And yeah, I just continue to surf the wave, basically and live my life to the fullest.

Leon  10:49

So I'm so happy to hear that and we will be here to help you accomplish those goals and even many more. So thank you very much for coming online. That has been a pleasure talking to you. And let's, let's talk again as it's a master community, have a great day.

Danilo  11:04

Have a great day. Bye bye bye