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Axel Coker

Origin: London, UK

Level: Entrepreneur (2+ years experience)

Oliver Cantin

Origin: Toronto, Canada

Level: Post MBA (15+ years of experience)

Danilo Marcolongo

Origin: São Paulo, Brazil

Level: Corporate (3+ years of experience)


Syamsir Aqmar

Origin: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Level: Corporate (<1 year experience)

Marc Arbonés

Origin: Cambrils, Spain

Level: Corporate (10+ years of experience)

Ryan Pouwells

Origin: Vancouver, Canada

Level: Entrepreneur (5+ years of experience)


Alberto Rodríguez 

Origin: Madrid, Spain

Level: Post MBA (6+ years of experience)

Niels Kok

Origin: Amsterdam, Netherlands

Level: Entrepreneur & Artist

Mariana Hernández

Origin: Bogotá, Colombia

Level: Post MBA (5+ years of experience)


Samy Dindane

From: Paris, France

Level: Entrepreneur (1xCEO)

Miguel Linera

Origin: Madrid, Spain

Level: Entrepreneur (2xCEO)

Javier Muñoz

Origin: Madrid, Spain

Level: Entrepreneur (3xCEO)


Francisco Hernández 

Origin: Madrid, Spain

Level: First-time CEO

Vadim Rohach

Origin: Brussels, Belgium

Level: Corporate (1+ year experience)

Carlos García

Origin: Madrid, Spain

Level: Corporate (5+ years experience)


Benjamin George 

Origin: Huelva, Spain

Level: Corporate (1+ years of experience)

Fury Pawiro

Origin: Amsterdam, Netherlands.

Level: Corporate (3+ year experience)

Juan Brito

Origin: Dominican Republic/USA

Level: Entrepreneur (4+ years experience)

+ many more...

If you are struggling:

- To achieve clarity in the path ahead, and define your goals with precision.

- With motivation, discipline, energy or time management on a daily basis.

- With being productive consistently, without having swings in your performance. 

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