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Step 1) Audit

If we want long-lasting performance transformation, we need an accurate picture of what it looks like. Any improvement that is not grounded in reality will fail so the first thing you will do is identify the current state of what you seek to improve. 

The first step is to AUDIT


Step 2) Refine

The next step in your quest towards peak performance is to trim away what doesn't serve you going forward. Everything that doesn't provide value to your life must be removed, while everything that brings value to your life shall be prioritized.

The second step is to REFINE


Step 3) Optimize

Once you've identified what's wrong and what's right, and then categorized the things that add value to you, a clear insight will be revealed: superior performance can only emerge when optimizing the few things that truly matter. 

The third step is OPTIMIZE


Step 4) Accelerate

The final step is to accelerate your performance by learning the 8 high-performance skills that carry the most leverage in business. Learning, applying and executing these will skyrocket your ability to drive meaningful progress. 

The fourth step is ACCELERATE

Selfmastered Client's Results

10X Revenue In 12 Weeks

Saher Shodhan, CEO of Traktion.ai

Before state: Team of 2, sluggish growth, low revenue. Working on getting funding, hiring a team and increasing sales. Frustrated at the lack of progress.

After state: Round Closed (£300k), team of 5, 10X revenue

0 To €250k ARR In 12 Weeks

Francisco Hernández, CEO of Menhir.ai

Before state: Idea-on-a-napkin, no team, no revenue

After state: €250k ARR. Team of 5

0 To Incubator In 12 Weeks

Danilo Flores, COO of Umi-Hotaru

Before state: Lost after first venture exit, theorizing UmiHotaru with his brother Claudio.

After state: Umi-Hotaru accepted at Reaktor.Berlin (Only 7 prevailed against 126 other applicants for the first batch)

2X Revenue In 12 Weeks During Covid

Patrick Haggerty, CEO of Lessonswithpatrick

Before state: Revenue in free fall due to COVID, urgent business recomp needed. Revenue fall by 30% by the time we started working with him.

After state: 2X Revenue

4X ROI In 11 Weeks

Yannick Halm, CMO at Nexgeon

Before state: Frustrated after a ”terrible 2020” when he didn’t fulfil his businessplan. Willing to have a tool to “crush 2021”.

After state: Radical overhaul of personal & professional operations. 4x revenue in 11 weeks. Marathon after 5 weeks (with minimal preparation).

12X Revenue In 12 Weeks

Conor Gallagher, CEO of Gallagmedia

Before state: Overwhelmed while serving only 1 big client. Plagued by self-doubt and imposter syndrome.

After state: 12x revenue. Less hours worked while serving 6 clients. Onboarded new partner. Marathon run in 11 weeks.

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